Public Relations: Self-Assessment

Through my undergraduate studies and membership in both academic and athletic organizations, I acquired strong skills and relevant knowledge that will help me succeed in communication and team related responsibilities. The internship position that I held at McKendree University’s Communications and Marketing office allowed me to apply my knowledge in this field. I had theContinue reading “Public Relations: Self-Assessment”

Major Course Work

Principles of Marketing – Understood consumer behavior and how to research a target market. Public Relations Techniques – Learned to work in groups in addition to techniques in a successful PR environment, such as conducting a beneficial SWOT analysis. Research Methods – Learned about both qualitative and quantitative research and the steps towards conducting aContinue reading “Major Course Work”


As an assistant editor and contributing writer for our student led newspaper, The McKendree Review, I have published a number of articles ranging from different subjects such as documentation, opinions, and research.  Taylor’s Version – This past weekend, Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated album “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” which is a re-recording of her sophomore album “Fearless”Continue reading “Articles”

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