Major Course Work

Principles of Marketing – Understood consumer behavior and how to research a target market.

Public Relations Techniques – Learned to work in groups in addition to techniques in a successful PR environment, such as conducting a beneficial SWOT analysis.

Research Methods – Learned about both qualitative and quantitative research and the steps towards conducting a successful study. By the end, I completed my own qualitative research study about parental pressure towards athletes (this can be found in my portfolio).

Principles of Public Relations – I was taught a basic understanding of PR and what to expect from the field, as well as the kinds of job opportunities PR presents.

Organizational Communication – Understood what makes an organization’s culture unique and how to connect with employees.

Intro to Mass Communication – Gave me experience in journalist writing and how to approach an interview for effective story telling.

Interpersonal Communication – Learned how to communicate effectively with different types of people in different settings, as well as writing techniques.

Intercultural Communication – Learned how to commence my differences effectively and understand what makes others different and why.

Social Media and Public Relations – Learned the basics of PR in social media, and gained experience in creating a social media calendar for an organization off campus.

Campaign and Event Planning – Learned the basics of event planning and participated in group efforts.

Podcast Production – Gained experience in radio/podcast throughout our coursework.

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