As an assistant editor and contributing writer for our student led newspaper, The McKendree Review, I have published a number of articles ranging from different subjects such as documentation, opinions, and research. 

Taylor’s Version – This past weekend, Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated album “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” which is a re-recording of her sophomore album “Fearless” from 2008. Her re-recording is a result of her public battle with Big Machine Records who have denied her any chance of owning her masters. So, how does Taylor’s version of Fearless compare to the original?

A Record-Breaking Night: The 2021 Grammy’s Ceremony – Despite concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the recording academy was still able to showcase musicians and their achievements at the 2021 Grammys Ceremony. Multiple artists broke records with their music and gave powerful performances that left all music lovers speechless. This article explains how the night went down and some of the biggest wins.

Campus Cats – While it’s super beneficial to have your animal with you during the college experience, especially in the middle of a lonely pandemic, there is a process to complete with your school. I sat down with Tia Kay, a McKendree graduate, to understand what this process entails.

Dear Bogey: On Friendships – Based on the “Dear Abby” project offered by our Communication professor, Dr. Sara Trask, I wrote an advice column on friendships and using empathy to understand another person’s point of view.

The Impact of Understanding – This article is about a peaceful Black Lives Matter rally held on my campus. I talk about the different speakers and their main talking points, as well as express my own opinion.

The Gen Z Approach To Mental Health – This article talks about the different ways Generation Z handles their mental health. Their way of handling things is often seen as “absurd” by the public; however, as crazy as it may be, it brings attention to an issue once ignored.

The Realities of Public Relations – After examining the different misconceptions of the Public Relations field, I sat down with my PR professor to help gain an understanding of why the profession is so misunderstood. I later explain the truth about PR, and their main purpose for the media.

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